About Us

We are a smart sports and entertainment business solutions and services provider. We pride ourselves on delivering solid results through our highly professional, structured and analytical approach.

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Why Choose Us

From its earliest days, BeyazBorsa has devoted itself to the belief that clients come first. That has led us to create a business model designed to serve the needs – and achieve the goals – of our customers, business partners and investors. “Clients first” stands for professionalism, trust and a devotion to excellence.

By aligning our interests with those of our clients, BeyazBorsa has become a trusted partner for corporations, sports federations and NGOs nationwide.

Above all, BeyazBorsa takes great pride in the caliber of its extended team of partner companies and the collective track record they represent. Over the years we have made a concerted effort to join forces with the market leaders in their respective fields, with broad-ranging of expertise in access control systems, customer relationship management systems, consulting, systems integration and many other disciplines.

We have developed a global perspective on markets and opportunities, with expertise and connections that range across North America, Europe and North Africa. In addition to our own highly talented team, through our cooperation with global consulting and marketing agencies, we have an extensive global network of market professionals and thought leaders in the sports and entertainment industries. They have experience and knowledge across a diverse range of markets and services providing a competitive advantage in maximizing opportunities and delivering compelling value to our clients.

Our clients and partners benefit from synergies across our spectrum of businesses, including business and management consulting, IT consulting, systems integration services and outsourcing activities. We have a culture and organizational structure that facilitates the appropriate sharing of insights and knowledge among all of our businesses, coupled with the ability to bring our full technological and intellectual resources to bear in creating compelling value.

Guiding Principles

“Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives – choice, not chance, determines your destiny.”

We are always better with our business partners

Outstanding value creation requires unprecedented out-of-the-box approaches

Anything less is never acceptable

Leadership demands fairness and honesty

Our reputation and financial resources are always on the line