Ticketing 2.0

In the age of fast-paced technology and heightened consumer expectations, the whole ticketing process has changed from bottom up. Once just a piece of paper, a ticket can now be a smartcard or a wristband with a microchip in it, a flash of pixels on a smartphone or a place in a digital line.

Nonetheless, the motive remains the same, maximizing ticket revenues. We, at BeyazBorsa, believe this can be achieved with a 3-pronged strategy that is built upon a solid ticketing platform and pride ourselves with our solution’s capability to deliver all these features and more:

1)   “Multi-channel/platform access to tickets” allowing ticket purchase at anytime, from anywhere

2)   “Extensively variable ticket delivery method” enabling the most flexible and easiest medium of delivery to cater to ticketholders’ preferences

3)   “Ability to upgrade, transfer, donate, return tickets” empowering ticketholders to plan ahead and manage their tickets in line with their changing plans and needs.

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